Air Taxi/Charter Flights

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The aircraft is a Cessna 177RG. It is a single engine, retractable landing gear, 4 seat (3 passenger) aircraft that has a very capable 160 mph cruise speed and 6 hour maximum cruise flight time. 

There are limitations on passenger and baggage weight, but the aircraft is able to meet many needs. For instance, with two 200 pound passengers, each with 50 pounds of baggage and carry on items, we are still able to carry 5 hours worth of fuel. This is enough fuel for a charter flight from Libby, Montana to Miles City, Montana with 1.7 hours of fuel reserve! It is enough fuel to fly to Boise, Idaho or Seattle with 2.5 hours reserve. 

Since we operate a light aircraft, there are many small airports that are available to use that are not suitable for larger charter jets. Just give us a call and we can give you the time and charges to the nearest possible airport for your destination. 

We can also provide information regarding car rentals, taxi service, and other needs that may not be readily searchable on the web in many of the small communities we can serve. 

However, we are limited to flying in visual conditions where airframe icing is not an issue. Thus, Winter flights are possible, but can be difficult to schedule due to weather. We do not transport hazardous materials. 

Our FAA Certified air taxi or charter service operating area includes all of the lower 48 states for day or not flights. However, our more usual operating area is Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and parts of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, North and South Dakotas. 

Bill Caldwell is our instrument rated, commercial pilot with over 1900 hours of flight time. He has been flying commercially since 2005, and is experienced in flying the mountains of Northwestern Montana and Northern Idaho, and also has a number of cross-country flights under his belt. 

Aviation can be cost-effective when time is critical, or when one or two people to spend 2-3 days on the road, compared to one day in the air. When clients need to attend a half-day meeting in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon or Washington, the cost of a charter flight can quickly be eclipsed by wages, vehicle expenses, motels and meals. The same can be true for repair parts that are holding up operations at a cost of several to possible many thousands of dollars per day.

Air Taxi can save the day!

Flight Examples & Costs:

        Flight Hours*                           Hwy
          (one way)              Cost   

 Billings MT....... 2.7      $1400     536
 Boise ID.......... 2.5        $1250     597
 Elko NV .......... 3.7       $1870     831
 Great Falls MT ... 1.6    $830      314
 Helena MT ........ 1.6     $780     280
 Kalispell MT ..... 0.6     $330      89
 Lewiston ID ...... 1.3      $680     244
 Miles City MT .... 3.3   $1660     696
 Missoula MT ...... 1.0     $520     209
 Williston ND ..... 3.9     $1980     652
 Portland OR ...... 2.8     $1460     510
 Redding CA ....... 4.5     $2240     820
 Salt Lake City UT. 3.9   $1980     733
 Seattle WA ....... 2.4       $1200     437
 Spokane WA ....... 1.0      $560     166
    * Cost based on flight time both ways, slightly higher cost for night flights. 

Our rates are QUOTED to the destination and don't depend on actual flight time unless the customer requests additional non-point-to-point, aerial survey or sightseeing flight-time. A $260.00 hourly rate (prorated to the nearest tenth) from Libby to any intermediate pickup points,then to the destination and the return leg to Libby are used to calculate the quote.

If passengers want to return the same day, there may be an additional stand-by fee, but no additional flight-time fee. Stand-by is $50/hr. but there is one hour of free stand-by for each hour of total flight-time, for example, 2hrs stand-by are free for Spokane, 5.4 hrs. for Billings.

Contact us for quotes on routes not listed above and also review our information sheet for air taxi passengers. This information sheet contains important information for passengers, please review, initial and bring it with you when we fly, thank you!


Flying can be enjoyable too!